About Us
About Us

The VENNI brand has met with our customers in 2007 when the UV high-gloss panels that we exported has been released to the market.

VENNI is the first brand to release UV high-gloss panels to the market and has been effective for other companies to decide to invest in high-gloss panels. Although during our visits there were comments saying that the high-gloss panels will never be popular, this never discouraged us. On the contrary, we increased our investments and in time VENNI has become the leader and brand to be followed in the matter of high-gloss panel.

Our Acrylic Panel production investment, which has begun in 2013, has a production capacity that is compatible with the monthly high capacity of 45.000 items standards and shows continuation. Our 1220mm*2800mm VENNI Acrylic Panels are stocked in the sizes of 18 mm and 8 mm as a standard.

Our PVC High Gloss Panel production investment, which has started in 2018, has a monthly high capacity of 60.000 items. Our 1220*2800 mm VENNİ PVC Panels has High Gloss/ Super Matt surfaces and are stocked in the sizes of 18 mm and 08 mm.

When we evaluated the period until 2019, we are happy to see that VENNI entered everywhere in Turkey to the firms, which produce forest products and have high-quality production, with its prospective visionary structure. In addition, by reaching a position where we go beyond Turkey’s borders by exporting to 29 countries we are investing in the recognition of VENNI image in the countries to which we export our products.



Colours which are one of the strongest signals in the nature, are both energizing and curative, having the capability of influencing our souls. With the original radiant, vivid, matt or dark colour options included in the colour pallets of Venni panels, you can underline your dreams, your style and your positivity.

Colours, which increase the hope and happiness with the power of the light they reflect, can sometimes ensure serenity with its dark and deep tones. Colours which influence every aspect of our lives with their various tones, calm or excite us with their power and knock on the doors of creative ideas by opening the gateway to our imaginary world.

Venni panels which corresponds to every kind of decoration idea with its energy and spotless structure, universally provide an aesthetical texture regardless of the shape they take. Venni panel of any colour, chosen for Country, Mediterranean, Eclectic, Innovative or Modern style, with its requested design quality and original colours is able to create bonds between various cultures all around the globe. Venni, with its original efficiency, paves the way for your positive, free, quality and distinctive approach.